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Who don't like to receive mail? A simple postcard - no matter what on it or from who - it's many times appreciate... sometimes feels good to know someone is willing to know about us, remmember us and send us a postcard! May seams impersonal but if we take a good though about the era we are, the tecnological and digital era, it's not so strange someone needing to exchange and contact with another human being. Sharing and postcard crossing is a good way to keep the old fashion way of mail and yu can always receive a postcard from a tottal stranger but you know both have at least one thing in commum, the taste and teh pleasure for stamps or postcards.
I admit I enjoy receive and send postcards and letters and recently I found out about this website where everyone is invited to exchange postcards with this giant community whit members all over the world, just for the fun to do it. It's fun.

And like one thing goes to another, through this postcard crossing I found another website about and with costumized postcards. This postcards are little bit like letters/envelopes but with different drawings and illustrations. Somehow this website is an extension of the other and what makes this even more funny is the fact I found out about both almost in the same day and there is an idealogical connection between them.

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