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I think is world wide known that Linux and Mac is two must stable, safe and reliable systems but beside that Windows is one of must sold in the world.
For professional reasons and because I live with others who also have access to my laptop and they only know how to work with windows, this is my system operative and I tell you sometimes I fell a real desire to destroy my laptop with a hammer!
I have Windows Xp (this version came with the laptop) still hold on the pressure and use I give him. But times to times, a message pops on screen telling me I have a few errors on my system and advising me to search the solution on the internet.
This kind of situation is frustrating and even the system is now a little more stable than before, still not perfect and I think they still have a long way to make it perfect.

So for people like me that needs Windows, don't give up... I found a small application that promise to save and improve windows, apparently is miraculous. Honestly I haven't try it on but I think I will. It's not expensive, the prize is acceptable and if really works should off.
Among all wonderfulls they promise, they say if we use it, the system will be stabilized, detected and clean duplicate files, disk space analizer, junk files cleaner, repair commum windows problems, etc, etc, etc... Ah And it works on any kind of windows! Sweet!

To everyone who wanto to try it, here the link!http://www.windsty.com/products/windows_7_tuneupsuite/windows-7-tuneup.html

Oh and if you try it, tell me something about it! Thank you!

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