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Well people, the fact I had an account on Twitter and Facebook, makes me realize that beside all the euphoria about Facebook (at least in Portugal), Twitter have must more facts, events of interest than facebook. And I don't say it just for saying... no, I tell it in firsthand. Through Twitter, I found and embrace a brand new world, people and events exponentially while in Facebook, I only have access to my circle of friends and in a certain way this restricts my horizon of discovers.
But well... enough of publicity of Twitter and let's go to what really matters and make me write this post after I found it through twitter. And it's something with interessing.

I admite that personally and professionaly I was a little bit jealousy... this blogs/websites are aesthetically appealing and the designer responsible for them can do something I can't do, use white as background. I admite I can't used it freely, without end feeling tried (white as background tires more than black... Autocad designer know it!) and I always feel the design is unfinished. I really don't think I have some kind of aversion to white, but I think that color don't always work! But in this cases, yes it work and I propose to you see it for yourself.
Please see here all links of websites and blogs with white inspiration:

But here is more to see, another types of websites also interessing and it's always nice refreshing the ideas and renewing our visual culture, right?

Friends, case you want to leave to me your suggestion or opinion or tell me another similar cases likes those I suggest, you can always do it by leaving a comment or sending me an email.

Oh I hope you had a Great Christmas!

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