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Before anything, I want to say thank you to my dear friend Vera who share with me her interest about Tim Burton's exhibition, soon to happens at MOMA, because without you my friend I wouldn't find out it so soon and I wouldn't see this beautifull website and (re)discover the work of this great man/genius/madman/film-maker/"something more I can not remember right now" named Tim Burton.

To all of you, I advice to see and enjoy this website, created specifically for this exhibition. The website is very cool, since the very beginning with the lovely robot until Tim Burton's interview about MOMA's exhibition and what this means to him, how he lokes to his work, drawings, etc.
Personally, that's what excites me most during my research and discover of an artist as a person or even one particular piece of art... it's the motivation, the gear of all inspiration that led the artist to conceive IT... why, how and the way it's creator see the primordial idea and the mean of his art. All rest is meanless and secundary... the artistic movement, the granted social and artistic 'label', that to me is not important. It's the person behind the work and the effect (butterfly effect) the work has on the artist as a person
But see all creative process, drawings and scribbles made by him it's very exciting, makes me want to go back to my own weird drawnings, a little bit like androgen Paula Rego style.

(Personal note and a tip for all those pseudo intellectual... all genius or eventually considered genius, they doesn't play by normal education school. Tim Burton himself said he is thankful to his drawing/art teacher for never 'gave' him boundary or rules on Burton's style! I also would like to had that in my life while I was a student, maybe I would always follow my vocation and desire to study art.)
(If take a while, please wait, it will be worth!)

Oh this exhibition have also a little promotional short film made exclusiv for MoMA.

See also here all creative process for / of this short film. I congratulate all of them for this excelent work.

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